31 days of choosing the good portion

When I saw the Nester was hosting the 31 days link-up, I sure wanted to be a part of that. 
Who doesn't love a bunch of women getting together, all endeavoring their own projects for 31 days? Encouraging and Inspiring, for sure. 

But the problem is, I'm already at the level of stress in my life where every few days I'm crying for no reason. Or Nick and I will circle the wagons on the weekend, working on a new weekly schedule to solve all our problems and it's so wonderful - for three days - until I pass out from exhaustion on Thursday. 

Yall, I really want to do it all. 
And I know you do too. 
I got real vulnerable with my sister and confessed to her, every week I kind of believe it's THE WEEK.

I always think this is THE WEEK where I do all my marathon training runs well, spend copious amounts of time with the Lord, get all the laundry done, have the sink continually clean, spend more than adequate time with my kids making them feel loved, participate joyfully and sacrificially in serving and loving my church body, keep the house spotless, redecorate the house, launch a new site with my friend Ellen, operate on a winning budget, write stellar blog posts daily that encourage and spur on other women, respond to all emails and blog comments, make my husband feel loved and cherished more than I ever have, run and grow my Etsy shop, continually build missional relationships around my city and be making disciples, and have great meals and homemade snacks always ready, thrive in my two online discipleship groups, oh - and be a good friend. And look nice. And lose five pounds. 

Moreover, I don't want ANYONE to have to sacrifice for me. 
I want to do it all by myself. 

Thankfully when I rattled this all off to my beautiful sister, imagining she'd agree with me and tell me to get my butt in gear so I could accomplish all this, she instead replied,
"well. that's the most prideful thing I've ever heard."
...and she's right. 
And I know it. 

In Luke 10, Mary and Martha have two totally different views about serving the Lord. Mary thinks she needs to sit at His feet and Martha thinks she needs to be continually on hers. When Martha complains about Mary's lack of productivity, the Lord rebukes her saying that Mary has "chosen the good portion". 
So this month, I'm out to choose the good portion. 
Blog posts may be slimmer. 
Emails may go unanswered. 
We may use paper plates. 
The laundry may gather. 
There may not be any new prints this month. 
I may not save the world. 

But I'm going to ask for the Lord's help 
and choose the good portion. 
Join me?