the anti 31 days

So, I guess the purpose of 31 days is to post EVERY DAY for 31 days, but since my purpose for my project is choosing the good portion - namely stepping away from my to-do-perfection-problems and more towards grace based LIVING, it would be pretty silly if I stayed up till 1am just making sure I had the 31 posts just so. But here's one small change I've made: 

when they start putting stickers on me, I play. 

Explanation: My "work day" (meaning blog/shop/email/community computer time) is 1:30-3:30ish every day while Benja naps and the big kids have quiet time. Of course I'm working ALL DAY with my babes and my home and I may tweet or answer an email outside of those hours, but those are my hours. But of course, sometimes it's hard to just throw in the towel right at 3:30. If I have 40 more emails to answer and 3 more posts to write and 6 more prints to design, I may stay on the sofa a little longer while the kids play. 
Unless, I make the firm decision to choose the good portion and close the laptop. 
And of course, unless my kids start stickering my eyes closed so I can no longer type. 

So, the score is. 
choosing the good portion: one point
laptop/work: lost this battle
my nose: hurts.