I want to tell a story.

the quotes in this post are bits & pieces of old writing 

A few years ago, woosh life was different. 

I think back to the fall of 2009 and I'm a little dumbfounded. 
I had three BABIES. I stayed at home about six days out of the week. 
My hours were a smattering of diaper changes, bottles, turkey chili, and more diapers. 

from a piece on introspection

I was isolated in so many ways and blogging and moreover, writing was such a release. 
I couldn't have told you how many people read my blog (not many) and I had no schedule for posting. I certainly didn't have a single sponsor and I tweeted about once a month. I wrote OFTEN. Maybe daily. Essays, poems, stories. Some horrible things and some that make me feel so fondly about that season. I felt so pitiful for just surviving my three under three, but now I want to go give that mama a hug and just cheer her on. 
Hey - if you're just surviving, THIS IS A HUG FROM ME. 

from a piece on beauty

Anyways, I think the quietness of that life led itself to so, so, so, so many words. 
Spilling forth. And the busyness of this season has silenced a lot of those. 
Between preschool/drop-off & pick up, blogging (which is not necessarily writing, mind you), emails, design, friends, family, activities - mostly the only thing I'm writing is "custom prints that still need to be designed" or "call pediatrician about medical records" or "put something on blog FAQ page" somewhere on my list. 

on old poem about hearing the Lord

But I found my old writing blog that is filled with some words that I would love to just chew on for hours. Some that are kind of boring or painfully hard to read. But some that made me just want to sit with a charged laptop, a full cup of coffee, and a clear mind and WRITE. 
So I'm asking the Lord for some words. I want to tell a story.