newbies and a gift.

Hi friends. I hope you've had a good week. 
It's Friday! We made it! 
I only have a few things for you this fine day. 
A of all, I have a few new prints in the shop. 
Here they are:
psalm 34:8   proverbs 3:3  revelation 21 
Second, I'm a big old fan of vulnerability. 
I say a good mix of vulnerability, wisdom, women, and the internet is a good. 
But being vulnerable about my own grief is hard stuff. 
With anyone, much less the internet.

That being said, this past week I feel like the grief from our miscarriage has been so weird and renewed. It's not bitter, it doesn't leave me unable to function in society, just gets me down in the quiet spaces. Like the kid's naptimes and quiet times. All wisdom and reasoning aside, I just think about that baby and how far along I'd be. I think about the number four and how joyful I felt about four kids. And my heart aches. 

Earlier in the week I was having a normal morning, getting the kids ready for school and what not, and in the midst of it - I just had to collapse on my bed and cry for a bit. And thankfully Nick sat beside me and reminded me of God's goodness. Of how blessed our baby is to be safe with the Father. Of how blessed we were to have that sweet babe for a short time. 

And then, I found out that October is miscarriage/stillbirth/pregnancy loss awareness month. And I'm not sure what that means to people or what to do with that, but Nick and I just decided to renew our commitment to pray for our friends that have lost babies recently or a long time ago. And to send them some cards. 

And to do this: 
I've made this print and posted it in my shop, but I'm posting it as a free pdf here for you guys to download as much as you'd like. For your home, for a friend, for anyone you know who could use this promise of our God. If you'd like it printed/framed by me or shipped to someone you know, feel free to use coupon code EVERYTEAR off your entire order in my shop for 20% off. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again:
I love sharing my life with the internet, I hate that I can share grief with ya'll. I hate it for me and for those of you who know it! I wish none of us did. 
But I'm thankful we can know the comfort of the Father. 
love ya'll.