that's right, I'm talking CHRISTMAS.

I've noticed lately that I'm anticipating a little heavily. 
I will be positive that it's Thursday on Tuesday. I'm always thinking about December's schedule when it's not yet November. 

But ya'll, we can't ignore the facts. 
Christmas is coming. 

As Connollys, we try to do the holydays up big. I'm not talking Martha Stewart tablescapes and perfectly wrapped kraft paper presents, but just taking the time to use holidays to get quiet and real with our kiddos and CELEBRATE the gospel. One way we do that is our advent calendar and hopefully next week, I'll be able to share that with ya'll, but here is a sneak peek in the meantime: 

But if you're like me, and you're already doing some anticipating:
A. Let's take a few breaths and try to enjoy November. Er, I mean October. and...
B. Maybe let's go ahead and pick out a Christmas card, just to do some productive anticipation:). 

I'm offering photo cards in my shop that make the Christmas card process super simple and super fun. Pick a design that you love, purchase it, send me your picture, I'll put it in and customize your names, email you the high res photo, and your print it however and whenever you like. 
Easy. Easy. Peasy. 
Here are a few of my faves: 

the "ellen". Inspired by & designed for Ellen from Handmade Recess

the "casey". Inspired by & designed for Casey Wiegand

vintage inspired Joy to the World!

loving some John 10:10 right now! 

Today I'm going to try to enjoy TODAY.
But in the quiet moments, I might work on the advent calendar a little more 
and get excited about what's ahead:) 
Happy Friday friends!