a vlog, john 10:10, MASSIVE sale.

a few things: 
A. I can't help my fidgeting issues. I'm sorry. 
B. You can buy the MHG here or email me at naptimemhg at gmail dot com to subscribe each month! 
C. Here is a more clear sneak peek:) 

next: at the beginning of each month, 
I'm going to have a MASSIVE SALE. 
Let's call it almost-November and start today. 
Until Friday, everything in my shop is 30% off. EVERYTHING.
(this includes the MHG, my bundle pack of 15 prints, everything)
Use coupon code NOVEMBER and enjoy! 

aaaaaand lastly, the winner of last week's giveaway:
Audrey! This is all you, girl! Will get you in touch with all your loot-givers!

lots of info for you, hope it's all a blessing!
thankful for ya'll.