100 days of gratitude

Hey ladies! 
A) I loved talking about save big, bless big yesterday with ya'll. This afternoon I'm going to go in the comments section and share some things we're doing. Would love to hear yours!

B) I have a guest post from the lovely Jacqueline for you today!
She is a sweet little treasure of a friend! Enjoy!

It’s Jac from babEblessings. Over on my blog I’m doing 100 Days of Gratitude and I thought I would share with you what I’m grateful for today.

Today I am grateful for my girlfriends. I have friends that I have known since the day I was born, or the day they were born, and new friends that I have become friends in the last little bit. I’m not just thankful for my friends. I think everyone would say that their thankful for their friends. The one thing I’m most thankful for is that my friends are always there for me.

This past year has been a long year, and without my friends I’m not sure I would be as strong or have the good memories I have today. Brian and I don’t usually let other people in our bedroom, but during bedrest my friends often sat where he usually sleeps and we would talk for hours. About everything but bedrest and pregnancy and how G or I were doing. They always took my mind off of why I was spending so much time in bed.

While we were in the NICU my girls always made my days a bit brighter especially on the rough days. My friend Meg is a fellow bedrest graduate and preemie mom whose son was in the NICU at the same time and Gray, and had some of the same issues. When I had rough days, Meg would cheer me up, and when Meg emailed me needing a pick me up I would send one along. Meg helped me get through a lot of rough days when I needed her.

Kathryn and Janette were amazing the few days after G was intubated they sent me songs to add to G’s playlist and prayers, and just wanted to know I was doing through everything. It was nice to know that while I was worried about G, someone was worried about me.

My girl Jennifer just moved far away this past summer, which sucks, but makes me use Skype a lot more. She makes me sit down for some me time now and then. We force ourselves to have dates to just catch up. She’s also there for me on days when I really just need to talk and have someone listen.

Rachel is a new friend, she added twins to her family this March. Rachel and her husband go to our church and although we didn’t hang out before our babes were born we started when our babes were still little. She helped me more than she knows. She was there to have coffee with me and go for walks with me and make me get out of the house when the PPD was starting to take over.

And then there are my blogging girls, like Jessi. They inspire me.               
They keep me blogging, and help me step out of my comfort zone. I vlogged the other day. I bought new bolder glasses – I was due for new ones so I didn’t just do it. And they’re always there to support me, even silently.

I’m so grateful for my girls, and everything they do for me. Even when they don’t know it.