advent, advent!

Hey guys!
I am so excited to share something with 
ya'll today that has been a serious undertaking 
and I hope it will be as fun for you as it is for me. 

I'll preface it with: 
we're big on the Advent around here. I'll talk more about how we celebrate as it gets closer - but in a nutshell, we go big the 24 days leading up to Christmas and do a lot of fun things and a lot of sweet things that basically help our family build tradition and really pump our kids up about the blessing that is Jesus being born. Some days we do biblically centered things, somedays we do just silly fun things, but each day during the month of December - we try to set aside some sort of time to focus on celebrating the gift we have in Him. 

Sooooo.... last year I made an advent calendar! 
It was a huge labor of love but it was such a blessing for our family. I have no really good pictures of it, but it was essentially a banner with a small mini-print for each day of advent. On the back of it, I wrote a fun activity/bible reading/project/craft/outing and each day - the kids got to take down the corresponding print for the day and find out what fun thing we had in store! And it was pretty! And it blessed our home!

And thus. I want to share it with ya'll. I present: 
The 2011 Naptime Diaries Advent Calendar! 

There are 25 mini prints (3x4.2) all decorated in eclectic styles & colors. There is something for EVERY style here. Whether you like formal, traditional, modern, whimsical - there is something for everyone! And you can do WHATEVER you want with them. 

I'll be hanging mine as a banner again, 
but you could could get creative!
Here are some ideas: 
- Tie them on your Christmas tree as ornaments
- Put one in an envelope each day for your family to open
- Write a different person to pray for on each day's card.
- Hide them around the house and let the kids find them each day! 
- Do whatever you want! 

Either way - it is my JOY to share them with you. 
You can get them in two forms: 
- I can professionally print them for you and trim them and send them to your door in plenty of time for December 1st if you purchase them here
- OR I can email you five high resolution word documents (containing 5 prints each) for you to print yourself at home,  you purchase them here
It's totally up to you!

I hope these are a blessing to you!