a quick plea for prayer

Hi friends. 
Just a quick plea for prayer. 
I have a precious cousin, Emily, who is married to an awesome man, Adam, and they have a beautiful & amazing daughter - Anna Grace. 
We haven't seen them for a few years, but have loved following their lives online and it has been a massive blessing to see their faithfulness as they've dealt with many, many issues surrounding Anna Grace's health. 
I have literally never heard Emily complain or be negative or pitch a fit. 
I HAVE heard her praise the Lord and bless her daughter through many out of town hospital stays. Her faithfulness and positivity has been such an encouragement to me. 

I won't tell you their whole story, but I will tell you - today, Anna Grace is having a big surgery on her spinal cord and they would seriously covet your prayers. You can read more about her health here, but first would you lift up some prayers that the Lord would protect & provide healing for Anna Grace today? And that He'd keep her parents in the perfect peace that passes all understanding.

I know they will give Him much glory. 
And maybe give Emily a shout-out on twitter to tell her your praying. 
And maybe share this post with a few friends:)
Thanks ya'll. You're amazing. 
grace & peace, Jess