the website that's filling my prayerlife.

So I'm still mulling and praying over John 10:10
How do I walk past the fullness of the schedule towards knowing the fullness of life that Christ comes to bring. 

I'm slowly but surely learning that it all starts with prayer, right? 
They're all better when they start with a conversation with our Father. 

But sometimes even prayer seems too full to start. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with all the things I need to pray about, people I want to pray for, scripture I'd like to be praying. 
Etc, Etc, Etc. 

So when my awesome mom told me about Echoprayer, I praised God for how technology was invading my full heart and helping me to have a more full prayer life. Echoprayer is just a sweet little site that helps you manage things you're praying about and will send you reminders to pray via text or email depending on how often you want it to remind you. Of course there is discipline needed to actually take the time to pray, but I feel like this is such a relief to my scattered head. 

Now when I get an email and say, "will definitely pray for you" or when I find a passage of scripture that I want to be praying for a friend, I'm not relying on 3,205 scraps of paper around my house to remember what I want to pray for when I actually have time. Now, my little buzzing iphone is just invading my world to remind me to think on things above. 
And to trade in the full for the full. 

What about ya'll? 
Does something like echoprayer sound awesome or awful?
Or are you the kind of lady that remembers the 3,205 things naturally?!
What are you praying for these days?

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