everything you ever needed to know.

So, it's two weeks till Christmas. 
I mean, really, a little LESS than two weeks till Christmas. 
And if you're like me, you drink your first cup of coffee so fast you can't remember if you drank it. But really, if you're like me, you finished 83% of your Christmas shopping weeks ago. 
And now you're panicking about the 17% percent left. 

So I'm here for you

When I was thinking about what I want in a gift in these last two crazy weeks - here are my requirements: 
- something great. 
- something wrapped.
- something inexpensive. 

So I have a few GREAT things in the shop to show you: 

loving this new adoption print. "My Own" available in boy & girl colors. 

Get any print in the shop enlarged to an 11x14 or 11x17 poster

Just a reminder that you can get any print framed for $25.00! You only pay $25, that covers print & frame. 

Now, for wrapping. 
I'm here for you. 
This week only, free super special cute Christmas gift wrapping. 
Just specify in the purchase notes if you'd like it gift wrapped & any note you'd like attached!

Now. I went and did. I made one more coupon code. 
Now through Sunday night at 5pm EST use coupon code CHRISTMAS for 20% off 

And just a reminder: I'm taking custom orders through Friday at 5pm EST and all guaranteed shipped by Christmas orders through Sunday at 5pm EST! Order Christmas cards any time of day and I'll have them turned around in about 24 hours!

I'm thankful for ya'll. 
Hope you knock that 17% out like no other today!