meet Tiffany, she's Sassy!

Well, hello Naptimers (hey I like it, I think it’s catchy!) I have to say I’m really excited and totally freaked out to be blogging today! I’m super excited because I love Jessi, her heart for this blog and everything she does! I’m even more excited because if you would have told me two years ago when we met and she was teaching others how to blog, that I would be writing anything I would have fainted, well thrown up and then promptly fainted, but I think your getting the picture.

       Tell us about you & your family!  
I’m just Tiffany, which can be a strange thing. Besides the normal stats:  married since ‘08, mommy since ’10, pregnant due in march, I’m a stay at home mommy (literally stay at home, the joys of being a one car family), I have a little blog Mommy Sassy Pants, and an Etsy store The Sassy Shop, both of which my hubby basically named, for some reason I’m starting to think he thinks I’m sassy. I’m kind of a big transparent mess, I love to craft and never put things I’m working on away, I hate doing the laundry I mean really hate, I’m so pregnant I pee when I sneeze, My favorite thing to do is sit and watch Bones on Netflix with my hubby, I have a horrible co-dependent attachment to my Keurig, and I’m totally obsessed with my son.  All wrapped up in a horrible fear that I’m doing it all wrong!

Our little family has been on a bumpy ride from the get go. Lots of stretching, a ton of faith, and more tears then I can count but I feel we’re finally hitting our stride. Which in our lives it means everything is about to get turned upside down, cause we roll like that. Oh! And I’m scared of turkeys, totally terrified. Maybe a little scattered brained too.

      What led you to start a blog and open a shop?
I’ve blogged for years, actually started in high school when you could only change your font, for me it was a way to process things that were going on in life, something that no one ever read or really needed to read! Over the years my blog has changed a lot but one thing I always try to do is be transparent. The verse that has touched me the most is 2 Corinthians 1:4 He comforts us in all out troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are in trouble we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

I feel like when we are transparent with our lives we create real space for God to be seen, in not just the good but in the pain. Pain is actually what leads into why I opened a shop. In April my husband and I had our second miscarriage, yes second. I was devastated and honestly still processing daily, the hardest part was I had a D&E on a Friday and by Monday my husband had to go out of town for a week. There I was, with a year old trying to process why, crumbling at any moment with a sadness that is so hard to explain while still trying to put on a happy face and being Mommy by myself. Night time after the baby was in bed was the hardest; I would sit on the couch almost catatonic. One night I turned on worship music and just started painting, and painting, and painting. Pain would bubble up, pour out, and then joy would just fill up and then the process would just start over. By the end of the week I had so many paintings and an Etsy shop that had never been used so I put them up! From there, I moved into crocheted items after a wonderful friend gave me what I call a “creative smack down” about using the all the gifts I had been given, but we’ll save that for another post one day.

    What are you so passionate about it keeps you up at night?
What keeps me up at night? There are two big things, adoption and others pain. The stories of others waiting for a child, a child waiting for a family, thousands of children will never have a mommy or a daddy, that’s what keeps me up. I would take every child, snuggle, make cookies, kiss boo-boos, and tuck in to bed if I could, but I can’t, so others in the process of adoption I want to support in every way that I can. It’s not just a financial process but such an emotional one. Being there for someone in the ups and downs of life is so important to all of us. How else do we build community, show God to each other to the world, if we are only around in the easy times.

      What has surprised you most about this life?
How quickly life changes always surprise me. You can be traveling down a path that you think is right and suddenly you go left, you think that something is going to turn out one way and it’s drastically different, you feel a huge amount of stress or pain and God just shows up and it’s all new, all in a blink of an eye. Side note: isn’t if funny how we’re surprised when God shows up and does something? You would think that we wouldn’t be surprised anymore but every time I’m still taken back!

    What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Not being pregnant! Really I’m looking forward to watching my family grow. Not only with the birth of our second boy, but who God brings into our lives and makes our family. That makes me really excited!  

thank you Tiffany for your precious post!
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