new prints & His good word.

Do you ever make an outfit in the morning that feel so right and so good and then all of a sudden at noon, you realize maybe it doesn't fit as well as you thought or it just doesn't match like you thought it does? It's kind of a bummer right? 

first corinthians fifteen ten

Sometimes blogging feels like that. It's not a book or a paper that you can edit and be done with. It's not a painting that you can finish. It's an ongoing work of representation. That changes & gets off track and gets ahead of you and blah, blah, blah. I'm not trying to be super existential about blogging :), just saying, sometimes it gets away from you and you have to sort of shake your head and ask the Lord, "what is it we were trying to do again?". 

john sixteen twenty two

All that said, I want ya'll to know. It's not just a business benefit that I get to "advertise" about my business on this blog and it's not just a good gimmick that I make scripture prints
I really love God's word. It is living and active and good and exciting and convicting and worth reading and memorizing and treasuring. Amen?

acts twenty twenty four

And I count it a serious joy to get to make art from it and sell it inexpensively so others can have it too. And every once in a while, I get caught up in a little rapture of making prints and I'm reminded all over again why I love this blog & shop so much. What a blessing to get to participate in this. 

john one sixteen

And on that note, 
I've added a few new prints to the shop and I'm adding even more today!
And in an attempt to keep the shop fresh, I've marked down TONS of prints to $6. 
Once those sell, I won't sell those prints any more, just keep adding new ones!
I've scattered a few of the new ones throughout this post, but here are just a few of the ones that are half off!

AND because I want you guys to have new scripture all over your house as 2012 starts, just like I want to have scripture all over my house - 
please, oh please use coupon code NEW YEAR for 
30% everything when you check out

I'm thankful for the blog world and for God's word that is living & active and moving in us today. I hope you guys have an amazing Thursday!