the reason for our joy

It's Monday.
This is a big week. 
We have plenty of reasons to doubt, to fear, to be stressed. 
I don't mean the general "we", I mean the very specific - WE. 
The Connollys. 

I was just thinking today - there are so many reasons to fear. to cry. to stress. 
Our future is uncertain, we don't know the exact next step the Lord has for us. 
We're tired and our kids are at a stage that zap every ounce of energy from our souls & bodies. 
We've been dealing with serious family illness and minor family illness. 
It's even been a tough month feeling like the "lady who can never get over her miscarriage" to quote my friend who struggles like I do. 

But oh, we have a reason for joy. 
And I don't mean the specific "we" only, I mean the general.
We all have this intense reason for joy in front of us.

And I hope that if you see me this week, a smile the size of Texas is plastered on my face.
Because Jesus Christ came to SAVE, came to RESCUE, came to COMFORT, came to LOVE us, to show us MERCY, to be our FRIEND, and REDEEMER.
He was born to die for the sins of the world, for us.

So it's time to smile.
And rejoice.
And celebrate. 
We have a great reason.