step 1: watch this short vlog, it explains everything
(except why I fidget so much. no one can explain that.)
step 2: read this little interview by my precious mama! 

Did you watch that vlog? You were supposed to. 
If not, here is the gist:
There is a wonderful women's conference in Charleston, SC in a few weeks.
And I want you to meet me there. 
And here is my mama answering some questions about it. 

1.  Why a 2day Conference? Can't I get the same inspiration and insight from a weekend message or a podcast?
Last year I was blessed to attend 3 women's conferences.  Each lasted 2-3 days with a variety of speakers.  After each conference, I was amazed at how God had taken me to a new level spiritually (really a 1-2-3 punch) in a conference environment.  Having time to approach Him with worship, hear great teachings, have fun with girlfriends and most importantly - time to process/respond to what He was telling me  - was truly life changing.  After the 3rd conference, we began to pray about how to make this same opportunity available at Seacoast.

2.  Where did the name CHOSEN come from?
Well, Jessi, you should know...because you were there!  And you were instrumental in bringing that Word to me from the Lord.  Our Dream Team had met once and were each praying about a theme for this women's conference.  We had literally 30 or so names on the table, but nothing that we felt the Lord had confirmed.  You were there at our house one night, working on a new print for naptimediaries and showed it to me on your laptop.  It was... 

God had already pointed that verse out to me in 2 other ways that day, but suddenly....the version you were crafting had the word "Chosen" leaping off the page at me.  I became emotional, and knew it was the Holy Spirit.  Because in all of my experiences counseling, doing life groups and ministering to women, the one thing I feel that women need to hear OFTEN and CLEARLY, is how the Father has Chosen them.  Almost every time I speak to a woman and tell her how the Father loves her, is pleased with her and has Chosen her, she gets tears in her eyes.  We just don't hear it enough.

3.  Who are the speakers?  What are the details?
You can get all the details - schedule, cost, speakers - on the website at and can purchase your ticket right there.  Lisa Bevere is our keynote speaker who is internationally known for her books "Fight Like a Girl" and "Lioness Arising".  You can see a sneak preview of her here.  Jo Saxton is a Director of 3dm Team and though from the UK originally, has amazing experiences here in the US with missional discipling.  Helen Lee is the author of Missional Mom
and brings another dimension of real-life missional living as a mother with small children.

(Jessi interjecting: I'm a huge fan of Lisa, 
3dm, & Helen Lee. Huge.) 

4.  Why should I come?
Don’t miss this chance to give yourself a gift. A gift of time: Time just for you, with amazing women of God just like you. A gift of encouragement: Encouragement from scripture, songs and life stories. A gift of renewal and refreshing. Renewal of dreams that have been lost while doing life and a Refreshing of your spirit that comes when reminded that He has CHOSEN you. What better time for this than the beginning of a new year?  Come alone, or grab a girlfriend and come together.  It will be a time to play, laugh, sing, and be still.  You will be reminded that you have been CHOSEN by the One who placed the stars in the galaxy and set the tides in motion.

So, who's in? 
Can you meet me there? 
Go check out the chosen website
email me (jessi connolly at gmail)  to make some plans:)