shop my closet, ya'll.

So, it's 2012. 
One of my goals from 2011 was to only buy thrifted clothing. 
I'd say I was 98% successful, I'm pretty sure I bought a shirt on Black Friday - but it was 1am and I don't feel like I should be held accountable for that:) 

The point was to spend WAY less and to find my style through thrifting. 
That was most definitely accomplished! And I had a good time!
But now, it's 2012 and I've got a closet full of thrifted clothes and I'm ready to make room for the new! And by new, I mean old, because I have every intention to keep on thrifting. 
And my need to clean is your gain! 

Let's do a good old fashion SHOP MY CLOSET SALE. 
Here's how it will work: 

1. I took kinda ghetto pictures, so hopefully you'll excuse me from the get-go. 
2. I'll tell you a few details about each piece, but know I only picked high quality stuff to sell, the rest went to goodwill! 
3. I'll add on $5 for shipping for each item and will take all payments through paypal. 
4. If you want an item, email me at jessi connolly at gmail and once you've paid your paypal invoice, I'll make the item as gone! I'll take email first come, first serve! 
5. All sales are final, much like the goodwill:). 

Let's get going!
Shop my closet!

First up! A size eight blue tiered skirt from Anthropologie. 
Worn maybe twice, ever. Great condition! $8 SOLD

Embellished Bolero from Anthropologie. Size Medium. 
Beautiful detailing. $10 SOLD

A really fun poofy blue cotton skirt from Anthropologie.
Size six. Can be worn high waisted (so cute). $8 SOLD

Super long & luxe blue plaid cotton scarf. 
Gap. $4

Blue nautical skirt. Can be worn high waisted. Has cute buttons & pockets. 
Talbots, size 10.  $6

Super fun tiered forever21 top. Sequins on top, silky tiers on bottom. 
Size small. $6 SOLD

Levi stretchy bootcut jeans. 
Size 6. $6 SOLD

H&M leopard print dress. Ruched top & flowy bottom. 
Size 12 - fits like a medium. $5

Urban Outfitters multi-colored scarf. 
Super cute detailing $4. SOLD

Mustard paschmina. Beautiful! SOLD

Vintage Rangoni suede pumps. These are super nice & a GREAT little treasure. 
Hunter green. sz 10 (fits like a 9) $6 SOLD

Salmon colored paschmina $4 SOLD

Teal knotted shoes with cork base. Sz 8ish, I think? 
Not labeled. $8 SOLD

Walmart Skinny Jeans! Never worn! SOLD
I call these: the best skinny jeans ever invented. I just bought the wrong size and walmart has a janky return policy. I have them one size up and LOVE them. 
size 7, dark wash, $5

Ok! That's all of it!
Email as soon as possible! 
jessi connolly at gmail dot com
Once you've asked for something and paid via paypal (I'll invoice you), 
I'll make it as GONE:). 

Happy Shopping friends!