{{true story}} things I love.

In keeping with the idea of blogging being a genuine story, I thought I'd do some genuine from-the-bottom-of-my-heart-advertising today and share with you some things I just genuinely love. 

The ladies behind these products are all solid gold and I'm a fan of each of them! 
They didn't ask me to do this or pay me to do this, I just want to tell you how much I love each of their businesses. 

First up: 
Every time I get dressed these days I have one VERY hard decision to make. 
What infinity scarf/cowl do I wear?!?!?!

(from left to right)
A. This scarlet red cowl is from Whimsical Creations and I LOVE it. It is warm and the color sets off any, and I mean any outfit. n
B. This luxorious cable cowl from MelodyJoy is blowing my mind. Plus, she's the lovely lady who brought us the bird nest ring PLUS she's offering 20% off her shop using coupon code NAPTIME, plus there is talks of us giving away one of these lovely ladies on the blog soon!
C. This floral infinity scarf isn't in my friend Ksenija's shop YET but you can find some lovely baby shoes in there for now! 

I should basically write a book called: I have lovely friends 
who make things to go around my neck. Agreed? 

I've ranted and raved about my friend, April, and how talented she is. Nick and I even bought each other her art for Christmas and we've decided that may be a yearly tradition as long as she's selling it. But now, she also has these amazing handmade journals in her shop that are blowing my mind. Everywhere I carry them, people freak out and want one. I cannot imagine a sweeter gift for a friend starting a new year than a fresh and lovely journal. 

A friend told my about Alloit.com, which is a new online shop for natural baby & home products and I love the idea of the whole thing. The owner of the site, Tatiana, is a mom who just wanted some great products after having her baby and wanted to supply other women with the same great stuff. You can look on the website, or like their facebook page to find our special promos. They are SUPER easy to order from and the products are amazing. 

Last, but not least, my super beautiful and talented pastor's wife friend, Michelle, wrote two books - one for girls and one for boys that are OUTSTANDING. If you've ever felt like parenting lacked a little bit of luster, these books are for you. They are full of songs, games, stories, poems, crafts, etc etc etc to do with each gender and for me, they've made mothering feel a little magical again - if just while we're reading them:). 
You can get them on Amazon for an amazing deal!

Ok, that's my story and it's true.
Happy Friday!