30x30, take two and other things

Hi friends! 
It's Wednesday, right? 
I'll tell you, we're starting to get some bearings in this little in between season before we move into our own house here, but the one schedule thing I haven't even begun to figure out is when in the world I am going to blog. 
I think I'll definitely be going back to writing all posts in one day and posting them throughout the week. 

In the meantime, here are some other things that I'm PLANNING 
on blogging about when the time arises: 
- the rest of the chosen conference
- naptime no more
- some new changes with the design business
- some thoughts on grace & obedience I had after this sermon

However, while I wait for the time to make that work, how about another installment of 30x30? I've actually worn a few more 30x30 outfits than I'm posting, but somehow not finding the time during the day to snap a quick pic of them! 
But I'm still really loving the parameters of the challenge. 
And how much it makes me realize that I. NEED. TO. MIX. IT. UP. 

this was my moving day outfit. fancy, huh?
(comfy boyfriend jeans, button down shirt)

first day in Indiana outfit. the headbow just felt right.
(boyfriend jeans, navy cardigan, scarf in hair)
wore this out to eat with the fam and to run some errands
(floral top, grey cardigan, gingham shoes)
just a day in Fort Wayne
(navajo shirt, black jeans) 

Ok, ok. See this is good evidence. 
Today I've got to mix it up. Some different shoes, some different bottoms. 
I'm on the job. 

Also, a few of you have asked about what kind of cleanse/diet we're doing. 
I know it's a leetle controversial and you have may not have even heard of it, 
but we're doing the HCG diet. The kind you get from a doctor, not a weirdy off the internet. I don't think it's for everyone and I wouldn't suggest it to most friends. 
While I will absolutely not be bummed to lose 15 or 20 pounds, I am mostly doing it for my thyroid health - to hopefully be able to go off medication and restart my endocrine system. 

How do we feel? 
I felt AWFUL for about 48 hours, but now I'm five days in and I truly, truly, truly feel great. 
I mean - my body feels great, not hungry, not lethargic, happy to be getting smaller. 
But my heart feels all sorts of yuck as the Lord works out this discipline in me. Again. 
I get straight up MAD when I look at pinterest and see all sorts of yummy food that I can't have for right now. 
I want to feed my flesh and it just isn't going to happen for awhile. 

Anyhow, moral of the story is:
much more I'd like to write
I need to wear my other shoes
I'm not hungry, but I need to hunger for the Lord more.
how's your Wednesday going? 
please tell me you can relate to those:)