Because all good things in life deserve a preface:

- I'm doing a 30x30 challenge where I'm trying to only wear 30 items of clothing for approximately 30 outfits. It's taking a little longer than 30 days because I'm an oompa loompa of a human and sometimes live in yoga pants. Read more here
- I think there are more important things than what I wear in this world and I always feel the need to say that. Like the gospel. And people. And a lot more. But this has been a fun challenge and it's certainly spurred me to get dressed and get creative more often. 

Let's dive right in! 
I have a lot to catch up on! 

I do not remember where I wore this. But it's my favorite 6 year old Anthro trench, thrifted dress,
black walmart skinnies, and boots. 
I'll be honest. I was reaching with these boots. I really wanted them to work.
I gauge my outfits by instagram response occasionally and this one got no love.
It's ok, I'm not a hipster. I can't wear boots.
I call this oufit "not your average park mom". black jeans, white tee,
leather jacket and melodyjoy cowl. My feet froze at this park visit.
One of my more favorite outfits ever. h&m $5 navy flares, old tweed jacket from Anthropologie,
white tee and fun infinity scarf. 
I threw this in there to keep it real. i call this "doing my best impression of Where's Waldo?"

another favorite outfit. sequined nautical top. paisley vintage scarf.
high waisted wide leg pants. completely thrifted outfit. 
seeing some repeats! thrifted dress, tights, cowl, jacket.
to church we go! 
aaaaand datenight. loafers. jeans. cardi. vintage scarf.
all thrifted. and the first thing we did on our date was rummage
through some free second hand clothes. love my husband. 

It's been so fun to do this little challenge. 
I think once we're settled in our new home, I'll be glad to incorporate some old faves back into the mix, but it's been so nice and stretching to look at my closet with some fresh eyes.
Ya know? 
So here's a question: 
what do you do to mix it up when you get in a style rut? 
let's talk:)  
ps: this  happens tomorrow!  I'm so excited to 
show you all the changes coming to my shop
Get excited and spread the word!