30x30, take one!

I think it’s about time.
Now, bahahahahaha, let’s get it clear right off the bat: this is no fashion blog.  I might get friendly with the red lipstick and the cigarette pants, but I’m no Much Love Illy or Kendi Everyday. (I do however love those girls, especially that Much Love Illy) BUT I was faced with an interesting combination of dilemmas/oppurtunities concerning this month of February.
      - We have freshly moved to Indiana.
B.   -  During our first few weeks here, we are staying with friends till we find the perfect place for our family to live – so we’re living out of suitcases, not touchin’ our boxes.
C.   -  Nick and I are doing a little diet/cleansing sort of situation for weight loss and health. 
D.   - All of those things have the potential to make me want to live in yoga pants and no makeup, but I don’t feel so hot in yoga pants and no makeup after a day or two, so I knew I needed some help.

And help came in the form of the 30x30 challenge!
I’ve always wanted to do one and now I have no excuse, or rather – the perfect excuse! Here are the guidelines, made up by the wonderful Kendie
1.     Pick 30 items of clothing and make 3o outfits of them. 
        Here are my amendments for myself:
2.     Shoes must be included in the 30 items, not accessories or coats.
3.     No shopping for 30 days.
4.     Workout clothes & pajamas don’t count and if I need to spend a day in yoga pants,      whatever. It's 30 outfits, not 30 days. 

So here are the items I picked for my 30x30 challenge:

(shiny black patent flats, silver glitter shoes, menswear loafers, brown pumps, short cowboy boots, timberlands, slouchy grey boots) 

((pants - high waisted jeans, black skinnies, dark wash skinnies, boyfriend comfy jeans, black cigarette pants, black tights, grey tights))

((navajo print shirt, black & white short sleeve t's, glitter striped boatneck, purple ombre shirt, floral tank, striped button down, black ruffle boatneck))

((black leather jacket, grey cardigan, tweed jacket, navy cardigan))

     ((black buttondown shirtdress, black babydoll dress, floral skirt))

I think that's about 29 things. I'm not gonna add one more because there is always the fear that I forgot something and will want to add it in midway:) 

But mostly, yeah, I'm excited. 
This is going to be a super fun month to document in this way! It's already been fun!

I'll just start today with my first 3 outfits and take it bit by bit. 
If you're just bursting at the seams to see them sooner (bahahahahaha), you can follow me on twitter

dark skinnies, loafers, white tee, grey cardigan, & melodyjoy1983 cowl
where I wore it: eye doctor, packing at our house, community group

numero dos: dark skinners, black ruffle shirt, black patent leather shoes.
where I wore it: bible study, family time, double date with mom & stepdad

loafers, grey tights, blue cardigan, navy free people dress
where I wore it: lunch date with mom, playing on the Carolina beach with kiddos (changed my shoes), double date with Rubes, Hunkle Josh, Robert & April. 

Ok, more to come soon. 
Anyone else want to jump on in and do a 30x30 with me? 
ps: thanks for all your encouragement about our move. 
We're loving us some Indiana!