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Lately I’ve been questioning myself a lot on a lot of
things. My self-confidence has been super low, and postpartum hasn’t helped
much in that department. I’ve been searching the world around me to get my
confidence back instead of searching the word. Until I remembered something a
wise woman once showed me.

My best friend’s mom is such an amazing woman for Christ.
She worked children’s ministry at my church for years. I don’t think I’ll ever
forget waiting for Sunday mornings so I could hang out with Aunt Jayne again. The
past few years she’s lead a table at the weekly women’s bible study at church
and each session reminds us of who we are in God’s eyes, and who he created us
to be. She would give us a list of things the bible said about us, and then
gave us the great suggestion of ‘hopping’ through the bible reminding ourselves
of what God said.
So I pulled out my bible and found the list, and got to
work. I highlighted each verse and beside it wrote the next verse to go to next
to it. It reminded me of who I am, and what God says about me. 

It also brought me to some realizations.
 The light of the Gospel shines in me, am I letting it out? Does it shine
to the world?
 I am more than a conqueror, so why do I keep letting things conquer
I have the mind of
– so if Christ says it, and everything he says is true, then I need
to start believing it and standing on it.

I know I’m not alone in this, I know a lot of us are going
through trials right now and we have lost sight of who we are in Christ. It’s
so easy to look to the world to try and find validation. Am I a good mom? Am I
a good friend? Am I a good wife? What do my friends think? What does my husband
think? What do my parents think? Questions I seem to ask every day, but instead
of looking to them, I need to look to Him.

I think the one verse that has stuck with me the most is 2
Timothy 1:9. Who has saved us and called
us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own
purpose and grace by which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began.
 It’s not about our works, it’s about our holy
calling and his purpose working through that calling. He had our purpose mapped
out for use before time began. Just thinking about that gives me peace and
makes me feel so great. God set my purpose in action before time began. He knew
I would be here, and who I would touch and what I would do.

Here’s a copy of the verses and what they say. The original
is from Joyce Meyer, but it’s been changed and added to quite a few times. 


I hope you take even just a moment to remember who you are
in Christ, and what the Father thinks about you. I know you’re pretty awesome!

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