scripture doodle for life.

If you've sat next to me in church or followed me on twitter, you'll know I'm a doodler. 
And this is the lady to blame. 

There's so much I could say about April. 
She's an amazing artist. 
She's beautiful.
She loves Jesus something fierce. 
She dresses like I don't know what. 
The most recent issue of Vogue mixed with the Holy Spirit. 
And I feel like the Lord has used her to mix some things up in my heart and awake my super creaky and squeaky creative side. 
And I know He's using her to do that with women EVERYWHERE. 

some of April's doodles

And part of that is through her scripture doodle ministry. 
She calls scripture doodle a creative movement of illustrating God's Word. 
And it's basically this.
You have a prayer, a verse, a passage of scripture that is messing with your heart - or you want it to, as you're stewing on it, you doodle it, draw it, scratch it out in chicken scratch... and see how the Lord opens it up as you make a physical representation of it. 

some of my (very inferior to April's) doodles

And the best part is, she's using twitter to let it be a blessing to the world. 
She's tweeting pictures of her scripture doodles and other peoples as well. 
And I have a feeling it will massively bless your soul. 

psalm 23:4
Today, she's hosting a special tweet/scripturedoodle fest through psalm 23. 
Here's the sneak peek of my psalm 23 doodle, but be sure to check out all the great things April has to offer. 
Follow her on twitter here. 
Follow scripturedoodle here. 
Visit scripturedoodle here. 

And maybe before you say, "oh! I can't draw" or "I'm not creative!" find some crayons under your couch and try a sketch. See if the Lord doesn't open up something you thought was buried or nonexistent.