In honor of the day, I want to tell you one thing I love about each of my valentines. 

Nick: I love that you are so incredibly quick to forgive. I've never seen you not forgive.
Elias: I am obsessed with your ability to comprehend biblical concepts. I am positive that you understand the passover better than I do. 
Gloriana: Oh girl. I love your nod. Your incessant, hopeful, helpful, persistent little nod of your head. Only a mama can know what lies behind a nod like that.
Benja: I love that you're breaking out of the old I'm-going-to-pretend-like-I-don't-like-anyone shell. Nala the dog, Ben at church, and me - we're all on to you. You LIKE us. 

In all seriousness, Connolly Family: I love you guys. 
I don't deserve to be the wife and mama of such a special brood. 
I love you all so much. 

And also in honor of the day, how about two new prints and a QUICK 24 hours sale? 
If your hunny forgot to buy you a gift, 
or you forgot to buy your hunny a gift (oh gasp)
or you just need an excuse for some new scripture prints in your home - today's the day. 

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Like, maybe, specifically, these two: 
psalm 139
do everything
Or any of these oldies & goodies.

it is well, strength & dignity, tears, greatest

But most of all, have a precious valentines.
Tell somebody you love em. 
And tell them who else loves them.