cold. bare. feet. 
hit the floor. 
I'm bankrupt. 
corrupt. exhausted. 
I'm a shell of myself
ahead of myself. 
I'm behind already. 

Before I reach the door
before the words form,
the doubts and the fears
and the lies and the tears
want to come. 
Want to rise. 
Want to exercise their right
and their place
in my life. 

My defenses feel useless
my senses confused and
my day - 
already ruined.

Till I see it. 
red, cracked, worn. 
torn, ready, strong.
my Sword.

Life, here I come.
An army of one 
in a billion
of soldiers holding firm.

Fools for His Word!
It's food for our souls!
We've got nothing without it - 
we've got nothing without it. 

No wisdom
no truth
no light 
no proof.

Write Your Words on our hearts
so You can impart
Your grace
Your fame
Your life
Your name. 

Because I'm ready now, Lord. 
I'm armed.