if it wasn't....

If it wasn't 11:12pm on Thursday night and I wasn't PLUM WORE OUT from days of moving and decorating and I wasn't bound & determined to start my 5am-quiet-time-before-the-kiddos-wake-up routine tomorrow for the first time since moving, 
here are the things I'd write a blog about: 

I'd write about pinterest and how much more fun it is when you actually are settled and have a home to decorate. For example, these pins will be a part of my weekend, I sure hope. 

                                                                       Source: tomkatstudio.blogspot.com via Jessi on Pinterest

                                                                              Source: marthastewart.com via Jessi on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: designspongeonline.com via Jessi on Pinterest

I'd also write about how much I'm loving doing blog design right now. 
I worked on a little something something for the wonderful Rach Kincaid tonight that had my smiling my face off. Now that's a fun side job. 

I'd possibly write a real, raw, honest, hopefully God glorifying post about moving and the no so beautiful side of it. The side where my husband and I know we're not the BEST at transition. That it's hard for us. That it brings us back to Jesus multiple times throughout the day. To just say to Him - "you want us here, right? Right! So let's be here." Even when sometimes I fantasize about getting the car and driving twelve hours to have coffee with my mom & sister. 

I'd write a post about birthdays and how I'm hoping that Glory's upcoming 4th birthday is the first in a long line where we follow through with some good, solid traditions. We've always celebrated our kiddos on their big days (obvi), parties and presents and etc.... but I'm hoping to set a few traditions that we can carry out on each birthday for each kid, each year. I'm thinking special prayer time, donuts with Dad, and balloons in yo' room. Like this. 
because THAT is what I look like most of the time at home. 

I'd tell you about the art of Yangyang Pan and how it makes me have some good Holy Spirit yearnings for life and color and creating. I'm thankful for my new friend Brittany and her good taste in life. I wouldn't have seen this beauty if it wasn't for her. 

This painting makes me want to do this.

And well, wouldn't you know. 
It's 11:48. 
I could've written at least one of those posts. 
Maybe next week? 
Happy Friday friends.