awake my soul, some Easter gifts for you

A. I'm going to take the morning to read through all the comments from Glory's post on Tuesday. I had to stop reading them that day cause I was crying my eyes out. I wrote that on Monday night and Tuesday I woke up humbled, humbled, humbled. Thank you for your emails too. It is a mind blowing thing to us that the God who saves and rescues our souls also can rescue our bodies and we can share those stories - the soul rescue-ing and the body rescue-ing and people can be encouraged and drawn to Him.
So thanks, for praising Him with us.

B. My heart is super anticipatory about Easter. Yours, too?
I always feel like this is our superbowl! Our anniversary-ish of Christ coming for us while we still enemies of Him and defeating the sin and death that entangles the ones He died for.
You know one thing I think about Jesus - when I picture Him living that week before His death and resurrection, I'm reminded He's not like us. He wasn't all in the moment and caught up in it all. He had an eternal view of what was coming in His own life and ALL OF OUR LIVES for the rest of eternity.
So I don't want to be caught up in the everyday this week.
I want to take my eyes off the temporal and ask Him to help me shift them to eternal.

C. I have a little Easter gift for you!
I wanted to make a few prints with some simple worship lyrics that could be displayed around Easter and I was wondering if you would too!
So here are some free Easter-worship-printables for you!
You can't right click the photos, but click the links and you can download high resolution pdfs of all these prints. Enjoy friends!

Oh Praise the One Christ is Risen Awake My Soul

Happy Almost Easter, friends!