faith celebrates.

this is Faith. The beauty behind Great Smitten.

I have a lot to celebrate.

I have a handsome husband (with a sexy British accent), and a beautiful little boy who brings me so much joy.  I have good friends on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and a community I love.  And I've always been pretty good at celebrating these things.  And at talking about them, and writing about them.  And I'm thankful to God for them.  I am.

But what I also have is a lot of dreams, and for a long time, those dreams have felt like that was all they would ever be.  Dreams.  Unattainable, unrequited, unreachable things planted deep within my heart.  Things I've had to sacrifice because of the choices I've made, or because the timing wasn't right, or because I just wasn't good enough at time management/organization/you-name-it.

I have a long list of these dreams, and I add to them every day, and sometimes I get overwhelmed because there are so many and they range from writing a best-seller to traveling the world taking beautiful photos to being the best Mama that ever walked the face of the earth.

Last Summer, I was talking with some friends about creativity, and we decided to pray, and ask God what He wanted to say.  A few minutes later, my friend Kezia turned to me and said (in the loveliest Scottish brogue), "Faith, I feel like God wants you to know that He never meant for you to be gray."

She continued: "He's made you like a chameleon.  Changing.  Colorful."

Something deep, deep down inside of me broke. Colorful.  Changing.

All those dreams, popping into my head in the shower, dancing their way through my subconscious while I sleep, suddenly felt less like impossibilities and more like promises.  

This list is no longer a list of things to mourn.  It's a list of things to celebrate.  

And today I can create freely, because I'm not paralyzed anymore by my sadness, or my self-pity, or my own false belief that I was destined to draw in gray while everyone around me paints in color.   

I can run hard after these dreams, and hand them over to my Creator when they are too big and overwhelm me.  

And He takes them, faithfully, because He knows how much I can carry.  

Because He made me this way.

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