a new season

I'll tell you, this is a tricky and fun business - this stay-at-home-mama working-from-home at the same time. On one hand, I'm getting to do this super exciting and life giving job in the office. On the computer. On the phone. And on the other hand, I get to do this super exciting and life giving job in my kids room. Reading on the floor. In the kitchen. 

But as a new season is approaching, the Lord is opening up some exciting opportunities that have been really fun to pray about and plan. And the idea of sacrificing quality time with my kiddos is just not an option, so there is a new need to innovate our schedule. 
Work smarter and harder. 

And one area I want, or MUST, do that in is blogging. 
I'm not quitting or walking away, but taking a serious inventory of what the Lord is doing and what I have to offer. It has been a joy, joy, joy to offer sponsorship on my blog and to get to promote ladies and their businesses that I believe in - but just like everything else, I have to work smarter and wiser with what I've got. 

And from the way I see it, a static picture on the side of my blog just won't cut it. 
It doesn't bless other bloggers, shop owners, business ladies as much as it possibly can and I sure don't want to take waste anyone else's time if I'm deadset on not wasting my own. 

So, this is a long winded way to say, 
I've changed the way I do sponsorship on my blog. 
If you have a blog, shop, small business, or creative endeavor that you'd like to promote through Naptime Diaries - I'd love for you to check out my new sponsorship info

I'm excited about where it's headed and I'm thrilled to have 
ladies partnering with me to leverage the internet to bless our families - 
for His glory. 

I'm taking only a few more spots this month. 
Come read about it and jump on it. 
Let's do this thing together!