come do this thing with us

May gals: Ashley, Jac, me, Lindsey, Melody, Moriah, Virginia
(Heather and Tiffany were there too!) 

The past few weeks have been fun, fun, fun on the Internet.
The Influence Conference.
and even Giving Up On Good.

I love real life community.
Sitting on my porch with my neighbors, standing in my kitchen with ladies from my community group, hanging out with my family.

But in the little bits between - I love hopping on twitter and knowing that hundreds of women are being encouraged and changed by reading God's word. Or in the quiet moments before I fall asleep, letting my heart get super super excited about Influence in the fall.

Something is shifting and growing.
A new community being built.
One that I pray will be formed out of the overflow our intimate community with Jesus and our real live communities where we are.

Two weeks ago, I had my group online hangout with my May sponsors and it was such a sweet soul stirring and uplifting time. We talked a little about business, a little about life, and we prayed a little. When it was all said and done - we each had a few new friends and allies in our corner.

If you'd like to join Naptime Diaries as a sponsor for June - there is an easy way to purchase sponsorship right on my blog. I have a few spots left and I would LOVE to partner with you as we leverage this internet to grow your business, market your product, share your thoughts, and most of all - make much of Jesus.