a day in the life.

Because I love when other bloggers do it. 
Because I hope it imparts grace to see other people's normal lives. 
Because I really love this season in our family and I want to cherish it. 
I documented the big parts (and missed a few parts, I'm sure) to just a random Monday - my husband's day off. 

Nick's emergency alarm goes off that warns me I HAVE to get up to go to my temporary babysitting job that I've taken over for a friend. My alarm goes off at 5 and if I get up then, I have time to go buy coffee before babysitting. If I wait till the emergency alarm like today,  I have to microwave day old coffee since I don't have time to make it. 

I throw on some clothes (and earrings), grab my bible, books, and laptop and head to the babysitting job. The kids are still asleep so I say bye to the mom and get comfy. 
Quiet time. #shereadstruth A little prayer and journaling. 

Then a little work. Design work. Make a list for the day. 
Stare into space for a second. 

Babysitting job over. 
I grab coffee on the way home for Nick and I. Just to celebrate. 
It's his day off!
And I love him. 

I come home to these cuddling cuties. 
yep, glory puts on her metallic shoes at 7am. 
I cuddle with them for a few minutes before going to get breakfast started. 

Grapefruit & strawberries for me. Yogurt bowls & silly faces for them. Daddy always has an omelette.
We have funny conversations about the day. 
About how many days till vacation and about how many days till their best friends, Eden and Elijah come home. They are starting to pray - not sing pray, just in these last few days. It does weird things to my heart. It thrills me to hear them talking to God and it cautions me to be remember that He hasn't grabbed their souls yet. For sure not Benja and Glor. So it's beautiful, but it's not the end all be all, you know? 

After breakfast they head up stairs to play and I start the first scatter of the day. Any toy, piece of clothing, dish, piece of trash I can find - gets scattered. Toys on the steps, clothes to the laundry. Dishes to the piling up sink. 

Downstairs is all scattered and candles are lit. Upstairs looks like a toddler hurricane hit. Oh well. It's Monday. 
Nick is in the office having some much needed abiding time. 
Kiddos have a quick separate reading time, aka - give your mama ten minutes to put her clothes on. I love that Benja loves to read his Bible. It's his go to book. 
But you know again - not trying to build baby pharisees. It's just a sweet stirring that I pray the Lord continues to grow. 
I catch sight of Glory playing quietly in her room and my heart just flips with gratefulness. Holy mackerel, that girl is my favorite. 

Mama is dressed. Sort of. Good enough for today. 
Kiddos are dressed and Elias put on all of the clothes I laid out for Benja,  which is hilarious. His 2t pants and his shirt. We go with it and call the pants capris. :) 
We do some reading time on the porch, check on our birds, and watch a quick science video about pollenation. Who know flowers had such complex anatomy? Yeesh. 
At one point I lose my temper and realize our front door & windows are open. My neighbors are now well acquainted with my sin. My kids are already too acquainted. 
I apologize. For the first time of the day. 
We always say - our kids will know one thing: they'll know how to apologize. 
Because we're fallen up in here. 

Next up we make pollenating flowers out of playdoh while mama does the laundry and a little bit of the dishes. The colors get mixed up and Benja falls off the bench and woosh! How about a quick show on PBS? We all need a breather:)

Mama eats lunch standing up and Daddy gets done with his work out and swoops in so I can join my online huddle. I love this group. I originally doubted if real discipleship and growth could happen online. It's been a year and I have no doubts now. So thankful for this time. 

After huddle, Daddy takes over the afternoon for rest time and it's my work time. On Mondays, I typically just try to organize my work for the rest of the week. Start on emails. Figure out what's urgent. Plan for my time with the kids. Today I get distracted (in a good way) by a call from my Dad and he's on my heart too much for me to get any more work done. I work on one more quick project and head out for my run. 

I love Fort Wayne. 
I really love running in Fort Wayne. 

I walk the last block back to my house and hallelujah! It's porch time. It's Monday, Nick's off, workout and work is done (for a few hours) and now it's porch time. What could be better?! We wave at neighbors and watch our birds. 

Nick and I sit and hold hands and the kids play, play, play. 
Glory "makes a salad" with six or seven leaves for an hour. And she climbs the tree. So high. The sons of thunder play with their stick-guns and climb trees and be boys. 
Nick and I talk about things we could ask the Lord to do in us over our upcoming vacation. 

We're all having easy separate dinners, but together. 
Making it fancy for the kiddos with rice pasta mac & cheese in coffee mugs. 
Raw cabbage & a beef patty for the lady and a salad for Nick that I want to steal. 
Glory asks about the bad man who "steals and de-stroys" and we tell her once again, we don't need to be scared of him. Jesus already defeated him. On the cross! For her!

Benjamin tells us his favorite part of the day was "eating food". 
He always says that:). 
Elias tells us that he learned during "science" that scientists use seeds to make medicine. 

Cuddling again, we watch a quick Maya & Miguel together. 
Afterwards, we peel ourselves off the couch and while Nick cleans - I take the irish triplets upstairs. Glory has her first real tantrum of the day and ya'll, it was only hilarious. I laughed forever and ever. It was over a jammie shirt she didn't want to wear, but of course we couldn't give in. Thirty minutes later, a million tears, and a bunch of laughing later - I climb in Elias' bed with all three of them and read. We read two real books and then Benja's choice - which is really a baby book with no sentences. 

At first we work on sounding words out, but I can tell they're too tired and it's making them feel defeated so I let them tell me the colors of everything. I know they're 3, 4, and 5 and all know their colors well - but it makes them feel like winners of a few minutes and it's worth it. :) 

While they get a few more minutes to read in bed, I start the coffee. 
Workday part 2, here we come! Emails and design and work awaits! 

I stand and soak up the sweetness of my kitchen. Cool, cool breeze blowing in. 
Just this morning - 14 hours ago, I prayed that God would make me like a refreshing breeze in our home. 
There is grace where I've failed. 
There's hope in Him tomorrow.