a gift for one of you.

I basically love you guys. 
And when I started thinking about doing a giveaway for Mother's Day this year, I didn't want to give you a bunch of my own prints or some products that I could get for free. 
I wanted to give one of you a gift, a real gift. 
Because I love you guys and I love motherhood and the challenges and joy and delights the Lord has brought to my life through it. 

And because I love my mama. 
My step mama and mother in law. And Nanas. And grandmas.
And because I love you guys. 
You mamas. You ladies longing to be mamas. 
You ladies with empty arms who are sad on Mother's Day. 

I want to give one of you a little gift package. 
From me to you. 
And here's what it is. 

1. My favorite solid perfume from Lush
You have GOT to check this stuff out. I am not a perfume lover, and I LOVE this. 
Thank you to The Tiny Twig for introducing me! 
2. coral nail polish. I promise you, we all need some. 
3. My favorite new white enamel earrings. 
4. A set of white beaded bangles to match. 

No gimmicks. No "follow me here" or "comment me this". 
Maybe just say whatever you want to to say:) 
Tell your friends, but only because you love them and if you don't win this - 
you want one of them to. 

Thank you Father for mothers. 
For seeing fit to let us experience you in this way. 
In the beauty and the hardship and the grace and the love. 
And thank you Lord for coral nail polish. 
We know that was your idea. 

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