it's ALMOST...

And your mama/sister/self/best-friend/grandmother called. 
She wants a naptime diaries print
Ok, ok. Maybe not. 
But maybe she'd be blessed by one. 

Just in case, I've made a few new ones that I thought she might like. 
Mom/sister/best friends of mine - don't peek: 
this might be what I'm giving you. 

exodus fourteen fourteen
proverbs 31:28

come thou fount

And here's my promise to you. 
If you order any of these prints TODAY - I will get them to you by the day before Mother's Day! I can't promise you that for custom prints or orders - but any of the normal old prints in the shop - 
we'll get it done! 

And to sweeten the deal, what if we do this? 

Enjoy, friends! 
Have a blessed Friday!