more on Influence, what you've been waiting on!

I know some of you have been waiting SO patiently for details so I'm going to get those out of the way and then share some heart stuff with you after that. 
Stick around, ok? 

Where will the conference be 
THE BEAUTIFUL Sheraton Keystone in Indianapolis, IN
(ps - it's connected to a massive beautiful mall 
that has an Anthropologie & a Madewell store - those were bonuses for me
Still the 11-13th of October 
(we'll start Thursday evening and end Saturday night) 
All women are invited. It's not JUST a blogging conference, but it will be super beneficial for women who are looking to leverage the internet to make much of Jesus. 
 The conference will be made up a few different components. First of all, we'll be having some life sessions and some strategy sessions. The life sessions will center around the idea of applying the gospel where the Lord has given you influence in your own personal, real-life world. The strategy sessions will be chock full of wisdom for those of you building brands, endeavoring online and creative businesses - and all those sessions will be centered around the gospel as well. 
           We've said it once and we'll say it again. We truly believe this is a conference where a super-famous-mommy-blogger can bring her best friend who wouldn't know how to log into facebook if she tried and they will BOTH leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and excited to use the influence God has given them. 
Who else
 We know, we know. You want to know who's teaching. We are certain you're not going to be disappointed. We're going to keep our speakers under wraps for a few more days, but trust us when we say these women are some of the funniest, bravest, wisest, most creative women we could find on the internet. We prayed and prayed and wrote down our "dream list" of speakers, and they're coming. You'll be blessed by them. 
           Also! We've appointed a few community leaders throughout the online world and you'll probably be hearing them talk about Influence as the days go by. They'll be with us leading up to the conference, helping us spread the word, and they'll play a key role that awesome weekend in October - making sure that real community is happening and that women feel taken care of, encouraged, and one of the gals. 
If you are worried about coming alone, don't be!
How (do you get there?)
You can check out the website today and talk to your husband/best friend/mama/sister/blogging friends and get ready to buy your ticket. Next Monday, the 14th, we're going to release FIFTY (only fifty) early bird tickets for $170. After that, ticket prices will raise to their normal price of $200. Your ticket price includes an amazing breakfast & lunch on Friday and Saturday, enough coffee and tea to drown a horse, free wifi, tons of goodies and resources, and a bunch of surprises we have up our sleeves.
Starting that day, the Sheraton Keystone will also release the special blocked off rooms that they've reserved for $115. You can split the room with a few friends, and we'll also have a resource to help connect roomates if you need help with that. We're also working on transportation to and from the Indianapolis airport, so that won't be a hassle for you guys!
Lastly, the site
Now, as details become available - you can check out for any and all questions you might have. You can also email me (jessiconnolly at gmail) or tweet to Hayley, me, or Casey with any and all questions. 

All that said, this is still only the start, friends.
We have so many things we are so excited to share about what the Lord is doing behind the scenes and all the fun things we have planned for this blessed weekend in October. 
We cannot wait to meet all of you and do a massive group hug Thursday night, ok? 
ps - that is a officially a part of the conference schedule. 
Ok, maybe not. 

Now, can I share my heart for a quick second? 
I just want to say, I'm incredibly blessed by what the Lord is doing in my heart and shifting in me as we pray through all of this. Something Nick and I have repeatedly said to one another throughout our lives before making big Jesus-based decisions is, "is this really about Jesus? Is it really all for Him?"
Because we know if we can't answer that question, it just won't work. 

I just want ya'll to know - as the leadership team of this conference, we are asking that question. I am feeling the Holy Spirit shift me and move in me and say, "Do you really believe I have given you influence to make much of me? Do you see the influence I've given you here, today with these precious kiddos, with this husband, with these emails and these friends and this family. If you do believe that, then how are you responding?". 
And I'm being convicted and humbled and given hope by the Good News. 
And that's why we're having this conference
Because we want to do that together. 
so, we'll see you there?

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