three things for Monday.

Good morning!
Just a few things I want to share this Monday.
My hope is that all three of these little tidbits will bring you some joy today.
I don’t mean happiness, I mean some straight up soul joy.

#1. #SheReadsTruth           
If you’re on twitter, or instagram – or even if you’re not. Come check this out. Kacia and Gussy have both told the story and you can check it out on their blogs, but the short story is: Two of our community leaders for Influence (Kacia & Gussy) began chatting about doing some bible reading together and holding one another accountable, sharing what they’ve learned. Raechel and I hopped in and joined them. A hashtag was made. And now dozens, maybe more, women have joined in.

We’re reading the Soul Detox bible reading plan on the You Version ( Bible reading app. You can get it on your iphone, ipod, or even just online. Then, after reading each day (it’s a fairly short and doable plan!) we’re tweeting, instagramming, sharing our insights with the hashtag #SheReadsTruth. Jump on in and join us; we’re only on day 5 of 31 days. I know that you’ll be blessed.

#2. A winner! Welp. That was entirely too long for me to wait to pick a winner of my mother’s day giveaway. But I did. And it’s ok. But here’s the thing – the winner? The totally random, picked through a random number picker winner, is blessing my heart. My sweet friend Kelly Bollman, who has posted on Naptime Diaries before, is the winner! And anyone who knows Kelly would agree, she deserves to win about 3,506 contests, so I’m incredibly blessed that this bundle of goodies will go to her! Kelly, I need your new address!

#3. Going, going, gone.
This week in my shop, hopefully by the end of today -  I will have about THIRTY OR MORE prints on sale for $6.00 each. The number of prints in my arsenal has gotten a little out o’ control. I’m up to about 70 designed prints and that’s just crazy town. So. Through this week, please oh please fill up your Etsy carts with $6.00 prints and let’s get say farewell to some Naptime Diaries classics. Once these prints are gone, they’re gone so get them now if you wish! Here are some examples of some of the ladies who are again, only $6.00.

three of the thirtysome on sale

I hope your week is starting off well, friends.
If not, grab some coffee and a few $6 prints and come read 
through some #SheReadsTruth posts.
That’ll do the trick.