be quiet & say something

Back in January, I was super excited and honored to have the opportunity to lead a small breakout session at an amazing women's conference, the Chosen Conference in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I like to think that they would've wanted me to lead a breakout even if my mama wasn't in charge of the whole conference, but hey! Who cares how you get there, right? I was seriously honored either way. 

There was an idea drumming in my head and my heart and as soon as I got the invitation, my little fingers starting furiously typing out my talk - be quiet & say something. It was essentially what I wanted to say to every woman I loved in my life, ever. It's my heart's response to the void I see in community, the void I see in myself, the void I see in women online. It is a plea to women everywhere to recognize that God has given them a voice and a story to use for His glory. And that, is a terrible and incredibly easy thing to waste. 

It took me about six months to get to it, but over the last two weeks of vacation and a large amount of coffee, the 11 thousand plus words just came a flowin'. Every time I read over it, I think of you guys. I think of blog readers and sisters and friends who I'd love to sit and have coffee with. I think of women who I just KNOW God wants to use. I think of women who have become silent or have discounted themselves from being used in their own minds or those of us who have lost our way a little, and are forgetting who we are to make much of. 

I'll be spending the next few weeks getting everything ready, formatting it for reading on your ipads, computers, and phones and reading and rereading it to make sure it's as close to what the Lord wants it to be as possible, even drumming up some creative ways to share it with you ladies. Along the way, I'd love to extend some exclusive little bits with the naptime diaries crowd if you'll let me. 

Today I thought I'd share just a small snippet from the introduction and a tiny snippet from near the end. I hope that come July 9th you'll be wanting to read all the bits in between:). 

I hope you guys will like it. 
Mostly, I hope the Lord will use it in all of our lives. 
I pray that He will graciously teach us how to be quiet and say something.