coming home.

Welp. That was really fun. 
I wanted to swing into rest and I swung like a crazy 
tarzan woman screaming from the top of her lungs.
I didn't really believe that I'd stop working THE WHOLE time we were gone. 
But I did. 
I don't think I expected to rest quite so much or play quite so much. 
But I did. 

In fact, here is what I expected/hoped:
- I expected to feel torn and bad about not working/not answering emails.
- I expected to lose about 5 pounds because I was going to exercise every day while gone.
- I expected to work hard to make sure my husband got time away.
- I expected myself to write an eBook and about a months worth of blogs.
- I expected that I'd work on about 30 custom orders, 15 new prints, and get lots of design inspiration.
- I expected to really hear from the Lord, maybe something big and refreshing.
- I expected to read about 7 books. 

instead, here is what actually happened:
 - I did not feel torn at all. Men do not feel torn on vacation. 
Neither should work at home mamas. I don't feel bad about the emails or the waiting work. 
- I gained 5 pounds for sure. Nightly cookie and ice cream consumption was worth it. 
- Nick and I found we weren't craving tons of time away, but we sure got it. Our kids were just such a perfect age for vacation this year. We could sit on the beach for two hours and get in a mini-date while we held hands and they played. Plus, my mom let us go one like 4 dates in two weeks. But in general, I feel like I just got to utterly enjoy my kiddos for two weeks. With no distractions. Amen. 
- I DID WRITE the eBook and I'll tell you more about that tomorrow:). 
I didn't write any other posts. Not one. 
- After the first two hours of our drive to the South, I didn't work on a single custom order. I do hope to get a leeeeetle work done on the drive back.
- I don't feel like the Lord gave me any massive revelation or word or verse. But I spent some time with Him and my heart is just surging and pumping about spending time with Him in real life too. 
- I read about 3 pages of the 7 books but I know that the Lord has given me a desire to actually have the kind of life and schedule back home that allows for leisure reading in real life. 

Also, maybe one day I'll learn not to set stupid expectations. 
I've got a grateful heart like you 
wouldn't believe. 
And I'm headed home. 

(more on the eBook tomorrow. 
I am overjoyed to share it with ya'll) 
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