welp. (and a print for sale!)

Remember that time I had a print shop? 
Remember that time I had a massive sale and it was awesome and the Lord blew me away with the amount of people who wanted scripture prints?! That was amazing!
And remember when I stayed up till 3am the nights before vacation gratefully packaging orders. Because seriously, I'm grateful. This is such a fun family business to run. 

But then, what you might NOT remember is how I came home from vacation to over 55 custom orders. To create, edit, approve, edit again, 55 completely separate orders is an undertaking and a half. Custom orders take anywhere for 20-40 minutes. Woosh! 

And I also came home from vacay sick, with tons of laundry, and three kids who wanted to go back to the beach! BUT my customers have been incredibly, incredibly patient and my husband has worked incredibly, incredibly hard and I am SO happy to say that as of today, the shop should be mostly current! No waiting orders, no massive issues that need to be ironed out. 

Here is my handsome 
pastor-turned-small-business-pro man. 
Rocking it out when he could be watching tv or reading or resting or something else fun. 

I'll tell you this, friends. 
Things are getting much more efficient up in here now that MR. Connolly is running the print shop. I think my "problems" list will get much shorter and everyone is going to be all around more happy. 

One idea that the new president of Naptime Diaries had is to have ONE PRINT only on sale every once in a while. Make one print $8 - no coupon codes, no muss - no fuss! Just one print - on sale for a few days. And what a better time than when I introduce a new print?!

I like this verse a ton and a half. 
The race marked out FOR US. 
That's the one to run. 
Get this print today for only $8
Enjoy friends!