20 on 20!

I wonder if for you this feels like "Hooray, it's Friday!" or "Oh Sheesh, finally Friday..." or "Really, Friday already?" I'm gonna tell you the truth - for me, it feels like 
"I never thought we'd make it to Friday!" 
and I'm so incredibly glad that we did. 

This felt like a week and a half!
But some of my favorite moments were just soaking up my family and soaking up God's grace. Can we ask for much more? 

Anyhow - I want to tell you all about some fun things going on in the print shop. 
For the past few months, Nick and I have been figuring out what it looks like for us to run a family business, Nick serve as a pastor, me care for our kids and support him, seize the season of online influence that God has given us, and still be a normalish family that sleeps and doesn't live in a super-stressed-out-panic-mode. 

So, we've made a few huge changes in the shop and I'm really excited about them. 
Nick is now the official brains of the small business and I am simply the creative side. 
Organization, email answering, multi-tasking - not my strong suits. 
My man, he's good at ALL of those. 

Nick is committed to two main things: loving on our customers and getting them amazing products in fun ways AND making sure what they get exceeds their expectation. I am committed to one thing: asking the Lord for the wisdom to get fresh verses designed in super fresh ways on the walls of you people. 

With that in mind; here is the breakdown of how things are shifting: 
- We're stopping custom prints and custom colors for a short season. BUT we are offering many prints in several color choices! See here, here, here for examples!
- We've made a new bundle of prints. We still have the Buy 3, Get 1 free but we also introduced the Buy 5, Get 2 free bundle (and always the 15 print bundle)! 
- To keep things well organized and to make sure we are doing everything in the best quality possible, I'm going to stop doing blog design for a season. I may occasionally take on a client if there is margin in our schedule. 
- My goal is going to be coming out with fresh new prints OFTEN like these....

grab this new "God is Great" print in any of three colors

Business out of the way, bottom line:
More efficient print shop, product intended to bless your socks off, creativity flowing.
And to celebrate it all - 

How about a quick 20% off sale? 
Take 20% off everything in the shop 
today using coupon code TWENTY! 
and ENJOY your Friday!