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If you've been around Naptime Diaries for awhile, you might know that we are a family with a heart for adoption. Since the beginning of our marriage, we always knew that adoption would be a part of our lives and in the past five or so years we've been trying to listen really closely to the Lord about HOW it's supposed to be a part. 

While the time hasn't come for our family to adopt, we love doing whatever we can to encourage and support our friends around the US as they pursue bringing orphans home, one by one. 

Sara is truly one of my favorite people I've ever met. Since the day I met her four years ago in Seattle, I loved that she always seemed to be everything I wasn't (in good ways) and still incredibly soft and pliable before the Lord. She's tiny and strong and I've always been wowed by her motherhood. Sara mothers with confidence and grace and joy amidst daily life - whether it be hard or just mundane. 

Her husband Mark and her have three boys by birth and have already adopted a precious daughter, Ella, from Uganda and are now in the process of adopting another little lady - Lana, from Eastern Europe. Lana is HIV positive and needs a family quickly. The Brintons have about $8,000 left to raise and we would LOVE to help them get her home as quickly as possible. 

Here are a few ways you can help TODAY: 
- TODAY, July 30th, all profits from our etsy shop will go to support the Brinton's adoption. If you've wanted a print or need some gifts or just want to bless them, please go nuts in the shop! We'll send you the prints and send the money straight to the Brintons. 
- You can make a donation straight to Lana's fund HERE
- You can buy from Sarah's Noonday Shop (beautiful jewelry) HERE

You can read more about the Brinton's adoption here at - Family Hope Love
and you can also read more about their new fun life in London here at From Mom to Mum

Thank you for loving the Brintons with me today
and helping bring Lana home to her family.