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sweet list of ladies joining us

The days are drawing closer and the seats are filling up and our hearts are just thumping faster. The Influence Conference started as a few women dreaming things much bigger than them, taking some audacious leaps of faith, and starting on a project that was bigger than any of them knew. But we did it because we saw a body of women who were longing for influence and we wanted to unite them, encourage them, and to make sure that of those of us who want to use our voice are using it for the common thread of the Good News. 

There is a new generation coming up and we can barely look online, look in our own daily lives, without seeing it. We're all different ages and in all different places. Some of us are home with little babies, some are wishing their kids were still babies, some are unmarried and some of us are longing for the next season. What's truly different about us is that we don't really believe in coincidence and we didn't end up where we are by accident. No longer do we believe the lie that we are in the city we're in just because or given the friend's we've been given by chance or been given a voice online by happenstance. We see His purpose in our days and in our words and we are coming to the day, to the table, to the blog eager and ready to be used. 

And The Influence Conference is about that. It's about uniting a body of women who are willing and ready to have their voices used by the Lord in real life and online. It's about letting them see one another face to face and identify this people group who have like-minded hearts and desires. It's about saying that we're all in this together and learning from each other as we go. It's about learning from those wiser than us and gaining tools to work smarter and not harder. It's about leaving encouraged, excited, equipped to let the Lord use you to build whatever it is He wants you to build in real life and online, because you've been saved and empowered by the Gospel. 

Here are our promises to the beautiful women who are going to meet us in Indianapolis October 11th: We will have fun. We will laugh. We will stay in a beautiful hotel and eat yummy food and feel like we belong there - because when your common thread is the Good News - you always belong. We will share women and men with you who have wisdom about sharing our stories and using our voice for God's glory. There will be tips and tricks and eye opening sessions about better business and easier blogging. We are going to learn about benefitting our families financially successfully without forsaking them. We are going to devote ourselves to the practice of using our voice and our story without living a life that blares our own horn. 

Come meet us in Indianapolis. 
Bring your friends and your blog friends and your sister too. 
You belong.

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