prayers for our girl again. (an update on glor)

left: just after seizures right: playing tic tac toe like the beautiful stubborn champ that she is! 

Some of you have read Glory's story and some may have not. 
The short story is that in her short four years, our girl has been through a lot - specifically in the medical realm, her biggest battle being a series of massive seizures last March that left her pretty neurologically beat up and also led to a diagnosis of epilepsy for her. We really believe the Lord did some major healing in her life and body and her neurologist encouraged us to take her off her meds fully in January. 
We did and she's had an amazing few months. 

Without getting into the nitty gritty medical details of the day, I'll tell you that we found Gloriana seizing this morning - super similarly to last time. At first it seemed like our worst nightmare, the exact same thing happening out of nowhere. But as the day progressed we saw, so many things were different. The seizure was much less severe (though still very bad), her response was almost miraculous compared to last time. We weren't terrified or freaking out and we knew the questions to ask (sort of). 

She is now stable and doing so great - showing no signs of brain trauma or damage (THANK YOU LORD), eating and walking (just a little drunk looking), and at once moment she's super anxious to get home and the next minute she wants to stay in the hospital forever. Room service! Toys! Unlimited mommy/daddy attention and affection! But she does miss her brothers and her bed. 

We are staying the night tonight (Monday) and beginning testing Tuesday morning. The doctors have explained it's gotta be something or nothing. At this point, epilepsy isn't even really a thought because she doesn't have normal epileptic symptoms or brain activity. She just has these big old whomping seizures that aren't super normal. So we'll do all the tests on Tuesday and look under ever rock and every brain cell to see if there is something to find. 

I don't have any wise words or scripture to pack up this day or even any specific verses I'd ask you to pray for her. But I know that each time I look at her face, I just praise the Lord for how SUSTAINING He is. For keeping her through the serious trauma of those intense seizures without a scratch on her head when she could have so much damage. For keeping her sweet heart and personality in tact. For keeping our family in tact. For upholding us all with the good news of the Gospel daily. 

And whatever we find out tomorrow, He will still be sustaining! 
What good news. 
What a friend we have in Jesus. 

Thank you  doesn't begin to say what I want to say what I want to say about the texts, tweets, emails, etc. I know we're upheld and sustained by the Lord  - but I know a lot of that is through His body.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
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