where we've been // west coast love.

For the past few months I've gotten some emails that make me laugh, mostly at myself. 
They all contain some version of the phrase, "WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!". 
Apparently I stink at updating all forms of social media when I move. 
So depending on where you look - facebook, twitter, blog "about me", I could live anywhere. 
So here's the real deal. 
Here's where we've been. 

Here's the breakdown: 
Nick and I both grew up in Charlotte, NC. 
We both went to college in Columbia, SC. 
After college/marriage, we moved back to Charlotte, NC. 
In 2008 we moved to WA and moved 3 times within the Seattle area until we moved back to Columbia, SC in 2010. (it gets dicey here because we left WA in July 2010 to move to Boston and we actually lived in Mt. Pleasant, SC for about 3 months instead of Boston, then settled in Columbia again. That's a long story and you can backread the blog to figure it out.)
In January of 2012, we moved to Fort Wayne, IN. 
And I have a little post-traumatic-stress-disorder as it pertains to moving and I get itchy whenever the husband talks about moving again ever. 
But we'll go where God wants us to go, right?  

Long story short - where is home for us? 
Welp. Heaven. 
We've got family in Charlotte. 
We've got family in Mt. Pleasant. 
We've got friends in Columbia. 
We're making our way here in Fort Wayne. 

But Seattle. Seattle holds a big chunk of our hearts. 
We were only there for 2.5 years, but we had two babies there. 
We laughed, cried, poured our hearts out there. 
We learned a lot there. We loved a lot there. 
We grew to love the church there and God planted a desire in Nick to plant churches. 
I'm not lying when I say I miss it every single day. 
Every. Single. Day. 
I miss my friends, I miss the weather, I miss the color green of the wet plants. 
I miss the rain. I miss the ferries. 
My heaven would be all the people I love living in Seattle with me. 

Woosh. Pity party over. God is good! 
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live/love the west coast? or someone in the west coast? 
head over there now and get some scripture for your home. 
love you guys.