bedrest betty gets dressed up.

When I was driving to South Carolina on my little girls getaway a few weeks ago, I think I said something along the lines of  "ok. this is it. on this trip, I've got to get my fall fashion groove going!" 

Famous last words since on that trip I got put on strict bedrest which turned into moderate bedrest which turned into I have a precious few minutes a day I can stand up without contracting. And do I spend those minutes showering, doing my hair, and picking out a cute outfit? Not as much as I wish. 

But you know what is helping me now? FashionAble and their scarves. It's cool enough now for one. It makes me feel put together when I'm really rocking stretched out normal clothes masquerading as maternity. Plus the big scarf seems to balance out the big belly well, right? 

And the only thing better than that is what FashionAble stands for. A nonprofit business that teaches women in Africa to build sustainable businesses and helps sell their scarves to people like me. Bedrest Betties that want to do our part and look cute all at once. 

And the only thing better than THAT, is that FashionAble is having a one day sale TODAY using coupon code JESSIFAVES to get 20% off your own scarf. And they even have a little post with some of my fall faves over on their site today. 

Run, run, run! 
Unless you're on bedrest. 
Then just hop over there on your laptop, and for goodness sake - sit down! 

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