meet & greet!

Hi ladies! Today I'm joining up with some of the other gals (hosts + community leaders) from The Influence Conference! Some of the girls had a great idea that we should host a link up, get to know one another and see all the gals who we'll get to spend some time with in October. 

If you're going to the conference - join us! Answer the prompts below and link up your post so we can all "walk around" and meet before we actually meet. 

If you're NOT going to The Influence Conference - why, oh why not?! Did you know we still have a few tickets for sale? Did you know this whole week on the blog we're talking about "things you should know" - the big and little reasons why taking the plunge and meeting us Indianapolis in October 11th is a great idea?! Join us!

So, rules for the linkup are simple! 
- Have a ticket to the conference & answer the prompts. 
- Visit the person who linked up before you and go say hi!
- Answer the following prompts: 

Let's share....

3 get-to-know-me things
2 things I'm looking forward to about the conference
1 thing I can't leave home without

Hm. I'll get started. 
3 get to know me things.
1. I'm Jessi, one of the hosts of the weekend, and I'll be speaking there too. I'll be the blond pregnant gal with the gigantic smile on my face and probably about 8 pages of to-do lists notes.
2. I'm a huge introvert that is easily mistaken for an extrovert because I'm a talker. But I'm way more comfortable with 3 people than I am with 35 and I need alone time often. 
3. Despite being an introvert, I'm a sucker for women + Jesus and an combination that involves those two. Coffee is an added bonus. 

2 things I'm looking forward to about the conference. 
1. I think this is the start of something big, y'all. A new tribe of women, a new generation of women online. I can perceive it online and pray about it - but I cannot wait to lay my eyes on a couple hundred of you altogether. Sheesh. I get teary thinking about it. 
2. Really? I can only pick two?! I guess my second thing would be just spending time with some of the women who inspire me + spur me on daily even though we don't live in the same city. Kacia, Raechel, Hayley, Brittany, Melody, Sarah, Casey. Seriously - there are like dozens of them. But those are just some of the women that I text/email/pray for/thank God for daily and I'm thrilled to get a weekend with them and YOU. Thrilled to extend my sweet group of online/real life friends. 

1 thing I can't leave home without. 
My red lipstick. My current (new) fave is the Revlon lipstain in gothic. 

Ok ladies! Come link up with us! We cannot to meet you!