the best kind of overwhelming.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming in the craziest ways. 
Late nights. Early mornings. Work. Homeschool. 
Meals. Clean. Kids. Husband. Church. 

It all culminated in what might have been the most FULL day I've ever lived in a long time yesterday. Not big earth shattering things, just big ole' big things that filled my heart, brain, time... all one the same day. 

Launched the new shop. Weeks of preparation and ya'll responded so sweetly. I think we ended up with something like 5,000 hits to the new site yesterday? Well welcome to y'all too! Come back now, you hear? 

Watched my sister BIRTH her fifth baby via FACETIME. That's right. It was beautiful, magical, funny, sweet, and so incredibly technological. I sat with all my kiddos at our kitchen table. They did their homeschool, I was on mute, and I watched that sweet babe come right into one of the greatest families on earth. 

Benja went to the POTTY for the first time. I swore that kid would get married in diapers. 

We had about 5 huge big business errands to run and a massive grocery trip. 

30 people over for a community group birthday party and deserts to make for them. 

A good 4-5 hours of internet work. 

4 loads of laundry. One mama to pack for her trip. 

Some sweet time with my husband when the house finally settled. 

Full. Beautiful. Big. Overwhelming. 
I only cried once. 

Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn I'll take off for South Carolina with two girl friends because I've got a nephew to kiss and a a sister to hug and a mama to love on. I've got 14 hours of car riding ahead of me to be completely blank and unoverwhelming and restful. 

To everything - there is a season, right? 
I just love that the Lord is the Lord of the full and the quiet days. 
And when I walk back into this full life next week - He'll be there. 
More ready than I'll ever be. 

If it's a quiet or a full day for you - look straight into His face and thank Him. 
I'm gonna join you. 

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