It looks like Christmas up in here.

It's that time again, y'all. 
True story - if you think I'm jumping the gun, I actually started getting emails about Naptime Diaries Christmas Cards in August! When would they be ready? Were we going to do them? Etc. Etc. Etc. 

So today, on October 4th, we're releasing our first six customizable photocards! 
Your photo, your family, your message - we design & deliver a high resolution .jpg to you - you print as many as you like, wherever you like! 

This year we're doing something a little bit different too. 
We're only doing ONE HUNDRED Christmas cards. After that, we're calling it Christmas for ourselves so we don't get too too bogged down in orders too close to the holidays. 

Know you want a customizable card but aren't ready with pictures just yet? Want to hold out and see the other 8 designs? We thought about that:) 
You can order any card today and we'll save your order till you pick the exact card for you and are ready with your Christmas pictures. All card designs will be ready for viewing before the end of October! 

Without further ado.... here are the first six designs! 

the JOY card
the PLAID christmas card
All is Calm, All is Bright
the Yellow Chevron card
Happiness, Joy, & Peace card
the Simple Stripes card
 So how does it work? 
1. Order your card. 
2. We'll send you a questionnaire with all the info we need from you within 24 hours of your purchase. 
3. When you're ready, tell us your final design choice, send us your family picture and all the information you need on your card. 
4. Within 3 business days, we'll return your high resolution .jpg ready for you to print wherever you like - however many you like! 

So hop on it today, early birds!

special, special thanks to Megan at Project 54:5 Photography for our family photos.
and to my girls Raechel and Kacia for letting me show of their sweet fams.