more than we could ask or imagine.

A few weeks ago, I was having a panicky day about The Influence Conference
There was so much to do and it just didn't seem doable. I was feeling tender and overworked and scared and worried and doubtful. In a moment of vulnerable crying with my sister, she said to me - "It IS going to be better than you could ask or imagine, do you know that?"

I didn't then. I do now. 

It was more beautiful, more Christ-centered, more peaceful, more emotional, more strategic, more life giving. The women were more beautiful, more lovely, more grace-filled, more funny. The sessions were more encouraging, more wrecking, more business wise. The party more fun. The endless coffee more helpful. My precious, precious, precious friends + allies more amazing. 

It was more than we could ask or imagine. 
My heart is full. 

Two things: 
1) We're selling TEN early adopter tickets to the first ladies who buy tickets today for 2013. We'll be back in Indy September 26-28 and we've already given girls who attended this year to buy their tickets. I'm sure it will be MORE as well. 
2) On Wednesday we're going to do a linkup where you can write your recap post if you were able to attend this year. Have it ready and you can link up with the hosts to tell all your stories!