So what do you want your life to look like?

So let's say you went on a vacation to change your life
To reset. To evaluate. To dream + pray. To play and laugh. 
What would you come up with? 
Because in reality, you don't need a vacation. 

You need a blank piece of notebook paper or a screen with a blinking cursor. 
I don't think a cup of coffee and a soft blanket would hurt. 

We've just begun to talk about some big and little things this week. 
We've made a sample schedule and proposed budget. 
There has been talk about cutting things out and adding things in. 

But here's what I've really come up with. 
I'm an abstract thinker and I'm a feeler and a writer. 
If you ask an abstract thinker, feeler, writer to reset her life -- she might just give you a list like this. 
Not because she wants to be BETTER or because she wants to change her life, but because she wants the Lord to change her and she prays these will be some of the fruits. 

(some explanations) 
1. they are sure worth a good greeting. 
2. i've taught people that tasks are more important than relationships. 
3. just occasionally. to experience the Lord and love the life He's given. 
4. extended periods of belly adoration here I come. refer to #1.
5. i don't want him to feel uncomfortable, really. just loved. 
6. right? 
7. Oh Lord, move. 
8. not the cleanest. not the most beautiful. but peaceful. comfy. warm. loving. filled with hospitality. 

What about you? 
What are the little things and the big things you'd like to look back on and see in yourself? Why not dream about them today instead of regret them years from now? 
aaaaaand HAPPY HALLOWEEN:). 

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