the internet is real.

The night before we announced the Influence Conference back in April, I remember feeling excited and terrified. We saw a need, we wanted to fill it. I distinctly remember Hayley and I asking each other - what if the internet isn't real? What if these women aren't really connected and we're just making all this up. What if they don't show up or what if we don't actually all connect in person as well as we think we do online? 

The conference hasn't even started yet and I'm here to say - the internet is real
This pastor's wife-real-life-community-lover-who-was-once-skeptical has seen the tiniest sliver of what's to come and I'm overwhelmingly excited. 

There may have been some running, embracing, jumping, crying, welcoming when I met my sister-friends Kacia and Raechel and when I looked around at dinner with the other hosts + a few community leaders, I thought - THESE are my people. They get me. 

They're not my internet friends. 
They're my friends. 
They're my people. 

ps: I can't believe I get to do all this with my super supportive husband by my side. He is my hero. 

Kac | Rae | Hay | Big Twig | Chris | Casey | Moriah | Jenna | Ashley | handsome prince

my girls. // SheReadsTruth

and him. the most supportive and loving one of all. 
If you're headed here, I can't wait to hug your neck.
If you wish you were - we're preselling a few super cheap tickets for Influence 2013 on Monday. Keep a look out:)