because we love them too.

You love your family and your friends and we do too. 
And we (the Naptime Diaries crew) just want to do what we can to help. 
So..... ta da! 

The easiest online gift cards EVER
You purchase and immediately get a download .jpg of a gift card 
that you can email or print and GIVE. 

there's this one - the gets your person one print

and this one - that gives them FOUR for the price of less than three

And as a bonus -- here's a link to a holiday budgeting guide. 

And your friendly weekly reminder that you've got till  NOVEMBER TWENTY SEVENTH to order your Naptime Diaries Advent calendar - if you've already ordered one -- your shipment goes out this week! And we'll keep doing Christmas cards + Christmas printing up till December 19th:)

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